Color Divide

Tap to split, split them all to proceed!

Free to Play

It doesn't cost a thing to play it, as much as you want.

No Ads

Not even reward videos

Not Pay to Win

All the things money can buy can not buy better score.

Get it Now


Intuitive input is used in this game, only taps are used in order to split the color, if your color matches, otherwise you loose.


The game if very fast paced and has zero buildup time. Start the game and get it rolling.


No ads are present, not even reward videos, your time is yours to enjoy.


A single game run can last from several secods till several minutes, depending on your skills.


Not a single thing is random. Things are happening so fast that I guarantee that no two game runs will look the same, but it all depends on your actions.

Zero Friction.

Currently no other features other than the main game mechanic are in. The core gameplay is fun, intuitive and addictive.

Zero Clutter

Further more there are no commercials, at all. No more annoying intersitials that will reward you an extra life or double the points if you watch an add right after you died.

Feedback is Warmly Welcomed

The core game mechanic is here, but there isn't even a single loop around it. Please use the support link below to submit feedback on it and suggest mechanics.